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Learn fascinating facts every weekday! On Monday, we'll take you to Amazing Places; on Tuesday, you'll see some Strange Science; on Wednesday, you'll meet Incredible Individuals; on Thursday, we bring you Awesome Art; and on Friday, you'll learn Wacky Words! Every fact is presented with an image. The most recent facts can be found on the right-hand menu.
Where is the world's tallest building? What's so "Great" about the Great Pyramids? Learn these answers and more! more
How long have human beings been painting? Why did Picasso paint so strangely? Learn these answers and more! more
What's the fastest animal on land? What's the biggest animal in the world? What animal can survive in outer space? Learn the answers to these questions and more! more
How old was the oldest person ever? Who imagined the internet long before it was invented? Learn these answers and more! more
Why is Mars red? What is the biggest animal that ever lived? Learn these answers and more! more
What is a palindrome? Where did the world "hello" come from? Learn these answers and more! more

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Smartest Animal in the World


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