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Amazing Places


Where is the world's tallest building? What's so "Great" about the Great Pyramids? Learn these answers and more!


Alien Island on Earth


Ancient City of Damascus

Ancient Pompeii

Angel Falls from Devil's Mountain

Angkor W(h)at?

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

Atlantis: The Lost City


Caspian Sea: Rich, Exotic, and Endangered

Cave of Crystals

Centralia: The Burning City

China's Rainbow Mountains

Coldest Place on Earth

Crooked Forest

Deepest Lake

Deepest Place on Earth

Door to Hell

Driest Place on Earth

First Library in the World

Geithoorn - A Town Without Streets

Giant's Causeway (Giant Not Included)

Grand Canyon

Great Wall of China

Greetings from the Middle of the World

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Hottest Place on Earth

Iceland's Seasons

International Date Line

Lake Baikal

Lake Superior Ice Caves

Land of the Trembling Earth

Laws You Never Knew Existed

Living Rainbow: The Great Barrier Reef

Lost (and Found!) City of Petra

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

Mount Rushmore

Mystery of Stonehenge

Mystery Spot

Panama Canal

Planet's Tallest Building

Romance of the Taj Mahal

Secrets of the Colosseum

Senegal's Pink Lake

Sydney Opera House

Tallest Mountain in the World

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The River of Fireballs!

The Roman Empire: Too Big to Fail?

The Sahara Desert

Undersea Brine Lake

Volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands

World's Longest River

World's Longest Road

World's Longest Straight Road

World's Most Populated City

World's Saltiest Body of Water


Did You Know?

Smartest Animal in the World


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