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Strange Science


Why is Mars red? What is the biggest animal that ever lived? Learn these answers and more!


20-20 Vision

All the Gold Ever Mined...

Astronauts Can't Cry in Space

Avocados Aren't the Pits

Bananas Start Wars

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Brightest Star in the Sky

Bug Killers in the Bog

Deadly Red Tide

Deja Vu

Diamonds rain on Saturn and Jupiter

Dinosaur Meal Plans

Do Women Blink More?

Earthquakes can Change Time!

Eating King Tut's 2,000 Year Old Honey

Eiffel Tower is Shorter in the Winter

Hamburgers Don't Rot


Heavenly Lights: The Aurora Borealis

Hold Up, That's Not a Vegetable?

It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

Jupiter - The Giant Planet

Largest Flower in the World

Lightning Strikes Twice

Mars - The Red Planet

Mercury - The Swift Planet

Neptune - The Farthest Planet

Printing in 3D?

Renewable Energy

Sand Song

Saturn - The Lightest Planet

Science and Sports: The Future of Players' Safety

Seeing with Sound

Some Cars Can Run on Trash

Sore Throat Tip

Strangest Ice Cream Flavors

Super Bowl of Math: Arabic vs. Roman Numerals

Thatcher Effect

The Human Eye

The Human Heart

The Human Thigh Bone

The Mystery of Light

The Pineapple: More Than Meets the Eye

Tongue Printing?

Truth About Shooting Stars

Uncanny Valley Effect: Why Clowns Are Scary

Uranus: The Weirdest Planet

Vacation to the Moon

Venus is Hotter than Mercury?

Walking in the Clouds

What Causes Tides?

Why Do We Dream?

Winning the Lottery

World's Fastest Winds

You Cannot Sneeze While Sleeping


Did You Know?

Smartest Animal in the World


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