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Incredible Individuals


How old was the oldest person ever? Who imagined the internet long before it was invented? Learn these answers and more!


A Well-Aged Education

Aelita Andre: A Painter with all of her Baby Teeth

Al Capone, Furniture Salesman?

Alton Giant: Tallest Man in History

Avicenna, The Father of Modern Medicine

Cabbage-head Ruth

Cal Ripken Jr.: The Real Iron Man

Daniel Hale Williams: Open-Heart Surgeon

Dave Kunst: Earthwalker

English Kings and the English Language

Fact or Folktale?

Fast Talkers

Fastest Sprinter

First Female Doctor

First Space Explorers

Georges de Mestral and Velcro

Gustave Eiffel

Heaviest People in History

Holding Your Breath

Homeruns and Walking on the Moon

Isaac Newton: Inventor of the Cat Door

Jem Finer: The Thousand Year Song

Jeremy Bentham attends meeting 181 years after death!

Laika: The first animal in Outer Space

Leonard Da Vinci

Man with the Longest Beard

Marcel Proust and the 4,211 Page Story

Marie de Medici's Expensive Taste

Michael Kearney: Boy Genius

Most Muppets are Left-Handed!

Nikola Tesla's Wireless Dream

Oldest People Who Ever Lived

Playing Card Royalty

Queen Mary's Mousetrap

Ruth Wakefield and the First Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sax and his Amazing Creation

Seventh Time's the Charm

The Faces on Your Money

The First Female Presidential Candidate

The Legend of Lady Godiva

The Vice President of the United States

Tom Sietas, Man or Fish?

Was Thomas Edison Afraid of the Dark?

Who was First to the North Pole?

World's First Siamese Twins

World's Oldest Athlete


Did You Know?

Smartest Animal in the World


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