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Awesome Art


How long have human beings been painting? Why did Picasso paint so strangely? Learn these answers and more!


A Loyal Friend

Art of Bookmaking

Art of Glass Blowing

Art of Matchsticks

Art on the Street

Carnival Suits of Mardi Gras Indians

Cows on Parade

Crazy Memorial for Crazy Horse

Doric Architecture and the Parthenon

Dynamic Domes

Earliest Paintings

Egyptian Obelisks

Get to the Point!

Graffiti Art in Melbourne

Headless Statues

Hikaru Dorodango: Beautiful Mud?

Illumination: The Art of Glass

Japan's Most Famous Artist

Kokeshi Dolls


Microscopic Art

Mona Lisa: The Most Famous Painting in the World

Most Expensive Painting in the World

Museum with Empty Frames?

Mysteries of the Sphinx

Navajo Rugs

Pablo Picasso's Odd Faces

Painting on the Wall

Palace of Westminster

Rai Stones? Rai Bother?

Rubik's Cube Mosaics

Samarqand: The "Blue City" of Central Asia

Sidewalk Chalk Improved

Sistine Chapel

Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks

Stolen Scream

Strange Source for Red Coloring

Terracotta Army

The Dutch Mona Lisa?

The Other Lady Liberty

What an Impasto!

Wrapping the Reichstag


Did You Know?

Smartest Animal in the World


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