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Wacky Words


What is a palindrome? Where did the world "hello" come from? Learn these answers and more!


Aha! Palindromes

Aloha! Hello or Goodbye?

Anagram or A Rag Man

As American as What?

Bagel Origin

Bone to Pick With Clich�s

Capital "B" Cities

Cucumber Time: The Silly Season

Curiosity killed the cat, BUT. . .

Day in the Limelight

Days of the Week

Every Letter in the Alphabet

Fantastic Words from Dr. Seuss

Fear of Words

From Nonsense to the Dictionary

Funny Words in the Computer World

Getting Off "Scot Free"

Google "Googol"

Grand "Stans"

How the Teddy Bear Got its Name

It's the Magic Word

Jumbled Letters

Last Names and Nick Names

Made-Up Languages

Months of the Year

Most Common Words in English

Naming Groups of Animals

Naming Groups of Animals - Continued!

Numbers as Letters


Once in a Blue Moon

Origin of "Tragedy"


Problem with I Before E

Riding "Shotgun"

Shakespeare's Fun Phrases

Shooting the Big Cheese

Sign Here with the Letter X


Starboard and Port

This Word Can Tear Your Flesh

To, Too and Two

We don't write, we scratch!

What 'O.K.' Stands For

What Rhymes with Orange?

Who Keeps a Cat in a Bag, Anyway?

Why "Checkmate" Wins a Game of Chess

Why the "Super Bowl" is No Joke

Why There's No Sand in a Sandwich

Why We Say Hello


Did You Know?

Smartest Animal in the World


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