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Enjoy engaging stories from regions around the world! From African creation myths to European fables, from Asian legends to tales from One Thousand and One Nights, folktales are a wonderful way to explore other cultures and have fun doing it! Highlighted folktales can be found to the right, or you may browse by region below.
Ancient Egyptian myths, Bantu legends, creation stories, and many more! more
Folktales, tall tales, and urban legends, from Native Americans and other cultures of North America. more
Folktales from the many diverse regions all around Asia. more
British fables, Dutch fairy tales, Russian parables, and many more! more
Tales of culture and compassion from Central America, South America and Amerindian groups. more
Exotic tales of deserts, treasure, and heroes from Middle Eastern countries. more
Stories hailing from Australia and the islands of the Pacific. more
Deities, heroes, and their adventures from ancient tales of Greece, Egypt, and all around the world! more


Smiling Rabbit


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Highlighted Folktales


The Egyptian Cinderella

The Man Who Never Lied


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