Special Features

African Folktales


Ancient Egyptian myths, Bantu legends, creation stories, and many more!


Blacksmith's Challenge

Egyptian Cinderella

Go'so, The Teacher

Grasshopper and the Toad

How Anansi Became the Storyteller

Man Who Never Lied

Mandoko and the Lion

Prince and The Golden Bird

Strongest Man, Part 1: Shadusa

Strongest Man, Part 2: The Giants

Tale of Aicha, Part 1: Aicha and the Demon

Tale of Aicha, Part 2: Aicha the Warrior

The Frightening Voice

The Magic Drum, Part 1: The Tortoise and the King's Wife

The Magic Drum, Part 2: A Feast for All

The Magic Drum, Part 3: The Foo-Foo Tree

The Magician and the Sultan's Son

The Man Who Never Lies

Tortoise with the Prettiest Daughter in the Land

Tricking the Tricky Imp

Why the Bat Flies at Night

Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky

Why the Warthog Goes About on His Knees



Smiling Rabbit


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Highlighted Folktales


The Egyptian Cinderella

The Man Who Never Lied


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