Special Features

Oceanic Folktales


Stories hailing from Australia and the islands of the Pacific.


Bahloo and His Dogs

Bunnyyarl and the Warrunnunnah

Cookooburrahs and the Goolahgool

Deereeree the Wagtail, and the Rainbow

Dinewan the emu and Wahn the crows

Friendship of the Bat and the Rat

Goolahwilleel, the Topknot Pigeon

Goonur, the Woman-Doctor, Part 1: The Wives' Trick

Goonur, the Woman-Doctor, Part 2: Gongo's Trick

Gwineeboos, the Redbreasts, Part 1: How Gwineeboo's Chest Turned Red

Gwineeboos, the Redbreasts, Part 2: How Quarrian and Gigereegah Became Stars

Legend of the Turtle and the Shark

Maui Takes Fire from Mahuike's Head


Pele's Revenge

The Legend of Greedy Chief Hala'ea

The Man with the Coconuts

The Tale of Sirena

The Thousand-eyed Fruit

Wayambeh, the First Turtle



Smiling Rabbit


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Highlighted Folktales


The Egyptian Cinderella

The Man Who Never Lied


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