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About is an unprecedented interdisciplinary resource that aims to provide elementary-level students and teachers with original content and unique features that service both academic and character education needs.

History Makers presents profiles of important figures throughout history. These helpful bios include informative pictures, famous quotes, and quizzes.

Inspire! provides inspirational quotations, posted daily during weekdays, that are sure to brighten your students' day! Each quotation comes with a clipart image and a few paragraphs to help students connect it to their daily lives.

Did You Know? delivers fascinating facts about Amazing Places, Strange Science, Incredible Individuals, Awesome Art, and Wacky Words, one per weekday.

What If? lets students explore scenarios that might arise in their daily lives. This interactive feature offers a situation to spur thought and discussion.

Folktales features engaging stories from regions around the world. Folktales are a wonderful way to explore other cultures and have fun doing it!

Cyber Exhibits showcases quality images from galleries around the world! All exhibits are paired with useful information and questions to spur creativity.

Additionally, our Global Culture Studies and World Gallery offer country demographics, breathtaking multimedia presentations, native greetings, and thousands of images from cultures around the world.

And that's just the beginning! Look for new features to be added in the near future.
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