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Learn about individuals who helped change the world for the better by arguing for causes they believed in.


Adams, Abigail

Adams, Samuel

Ali, Muhammad

Anthony, Susan B.

Attucks, Crispus

Carson, Rachel

Chavez, Cesar

Darrow, Clarence

De Zavala, Adina

Douglass, Frederick

Farmer Jr., James L.

Friedan, Betty

Gandhi, Mohandas

Garvey, Marcus

Graham, Billy

Huerta, Dolores

Hutchinson, Anne

Jordan, Barbara

Keller, Helen

King Jr., Martin Luther

Lewis, John

Mother Theresa

Nightingale, Florence

Obama, Michelle

Parks, Rosa

Paul, Alice

Pope John Paul II

Revere, Paul

Roosevelt, Eleanor

Stanton, Elizabeth Cady

Steinem, Gloria

Stone, Lucy

Truth, Sojourner

Tubman, Harriet

Wells, Ida B.

Wiesel, Elie

Woodhull, Victoria


History Maker

Wilson, Woodrow


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    National Leaders
    Public Servants

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