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National Leaders


Investigate the lives of national leaders and their lasting contributions to their countries and the world.


Adams, John

Adams, John Quincy

Bonaparte I, Napoleon

Caesar, Julius

Carter, Jimmy

Castro, Fidel

Chávez, Hugo

Churchill, Winston


Clinton, Bill

Davis, Jefferson

Eisenhower, Dwight

Elizabeth I

Gandhi, Indira

George III

Gorbachev, Mikhail

Grant, Ulysses S.


Harding, Warren

Hitler, Adolf

Hooker, Thomas

Huang, Qin Shi

Jackson, Andrew

Jefferson, Thomas

Johnson, Lyndon Baines

Justinian I

Kennedy, John F.

Lincoln, Abraham

Madison, James

Mandela, Nelson

Meir, Golda

Monroe, James

Mussolini, Benito

Nixon, Richard

Obama, Barack

Queen Victoria

Reagan, Ronald

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

Roosevelt, Theodore

Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez de

Stalin, Joseph

Thatcher, Margaret

the Great, Sejong

Theodora I

Tojo, Hideki

Truman, Harry

Walesa, Lech

Washington, George

Wilson, Woodrow

Zedong, Mao


History Maker

Wilson, Woodrow


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