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Study chemists, biologists, physicists and more who strove to understand the way the universe works.


Ballard, Robert

Banneker, Benjamin

Boyle, Robert

Carver, George Washington

Clark, Eugenie

Cooley, Denton

Copernicus, Nicolaus

Cunningham, Walter

Curie, Marie

Darwin, Charles

DeBakey, Michael E.

Earle, Sylvia

Einstein, Albert

Fossey, Dian

Galilei, Galileo

Goodall, Jane

Hughes-Fulford, Millie

Leakey, Louise

Mendel, Gregor

Mitchell, Maria

Newton, Isaac

Ochoa, Ellen

Oppenheimer, Julius Robert

Pasteur, Louis

Piaget, Jean

Rush, Benjamin

Salk, Jonas


History Maker

Wilson, Woodrow


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    Cultural Figures
    Military Officers
    National Leaders
    Public Servants

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