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These inspirational quotations, posted daily during weekdays, are sure to brighten your day! Each quotation comes with a brief description of the speaker and a few short paragraphs to help students connect the quotation to their daily lives. Place your mouse cursor over any red-colored words to see their definitions. Teachers, submit your own Inspire! content using the button to your right!
Quotations about facing your fears and standing up for yourself and others. more
Quotations about understanding other points of view and helping others. more
Quotations about the value of companionship and standing by your friends. more
Quotations about taking charge and guiding others. more
Quotations about trying new things and using your imagination. more
Quotations about learning to wait and staying determined. more
Quotations about having a good attitude and staying optimistic. more
Quotations about respecting others and acting politely. more
Quotations about taking responsibility for your actions. more
Quotations about believing in yourself and accepting criticism. more


Maltz, Maxwell: "Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your handbrake on."



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