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What if you are angry about your parents' decision?

It was lunchtime on a Friday and Anthony and Matt were sitting together in the cafeteria, laughing at the bad taste of the school's pizza and joking about how they thought it was probably leftovers from last week. Matt suggested to Anthony that he should come over tonight for a sleepover so they could order from Pizza Hut and stay up late playing videogames.

Anthony and Matt considered themselves best friends. They were always together in the back of the class passing notes to the girls in front of them and pulling pranks on the teacher. Most of the time, these things were Matt's idea, but Anthony never failed to follow his lead. Sometimes, this got Anthony into trouble along with Matt.

When Anthony came home from school, he told his mother about Matt's sleepover idea. Anthony's mother knew that Matt was a troublemaker, and that whenever Anthony was with Matt he was bound to wind up also getting into trouble. She explained this to her son, and told him she wouldn't allow the sleepover to happen.

Anthony yelled at his mother and ran to his room, slamming the door in her face. His mother knocked on the door wanting to talk to him about her decision. Anthony thought about answering the door, but he was so angry that he ignored his mother. He thought about leaving and going to Matt's house without her permission, even though he knew it was wrong.

If you were Anthony, what would you do?

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