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What if you witnessed a car crash or were trapped by a stranger? Explore these situations and more!


What if a stranger offered you a ride home?

What if a stranger started talking to you ?

What if one of your pets passed away?

What if someone stole your money ?

What if there was a death in your family?

What if you found an unattended bag?

What if you got sick at school ?

What if you had a bad dream?

What if you pushed yourself too hard exercising?

What if you saw a robbery happen?

What if you saw someone drowning?

What if you found a stray animal ?

What if you got lost ?

What if you got robbed on the street?

What if you saw someone get hurt in a car accident?

What if you saw someone hurting animals?

What if you saw someone stop breathing?

What if you thought one of your friends was hurting him or herself?

What if you were approached by a homeless person ?

What if you were being followed ?

What if you were bitten by a dog?

What if you were scared of being home alone?

What if your house caught on fire?

What if your parent was hurt ?

What if your pet ran away?


This week's
What If?

What if you are angry about your parents' decision?


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    Health Concerns
    Making Mistakes
    Problems with Friends
    Schoolwork Struggles
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