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Problems with Friends


What if you met a friend online or found yourself in a clique? Explore these situations and more!


What if your friend was always lying?

What if a friend told you to do something mean?

What if a friend drifted away from you?

What if someone used words that offended you?

What if someone you didn't like wanted to be your friend?

What if you hurt your friend's feelings?

What if you didn't get invited?

What if you didn't have many friends?

What if you forgot a friend's birthday?

What if you found out a friend lied to you?

What if you lied to a friend ?

What if you lost something a friend lent you?

What if you made a promise?

What if you met a friend online?

What if you no longer wanted to be someone's friend?

What if you were teased because of your new haircut?

What if you didn't have friends?

What if you were in a clique?

What if you were sore loser?

What if you were taking care of a friend's pet?

What if you were a sore winner?

What if your friend had more money than you?

What if your friend lost something you lent them ?

What if your friend wants you to do school activities you don't like?

What if your friend was being hurt at home ?

What if your friend was depressed?

What if your friend was in the hospital?

What if your friends didn't like each other?

What if your friend won't talk to you?

What if your friend was skipping school?

What if your friend's mom passed away?

What if your friends were excluding you ?


This week's
What If?

What if you are angry about your parents' decision?


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