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What if you found someone's wallet or could cheat on a test? Explore these situations and more!


What if someone offered you a cigarette?

What if you could have extra recess?

What if you could lie to skip gym class?

What if you could take something that wasn't yours?

What if you didn't have to follow the rules?

What if you got angry during a sports game?

What if you had a crush?

What if you could accept a reward you didn't deserve?

What if you could download movies for free?

What if you could let someone else take the blame?

What if you could skip school?

What if you could get cheaper tickets?

What if you found a wallet on the sidewalk?

What if you got in trouble for swearing?

What if you knew your teacher wasn't going to check your homework?

What if you were addicted to television?

What if you were asked to keep a secret?

What if you were left in the car alone?

What if your parents left you home alone?

What if your parents trusted you with money?


This week's
What If?

What if you are angry about your parents' decision?


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