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Being Different


What if you didn't fit in because you were weren't the same as everyone else? Explore these situations and more!


What if there was a new student in your class?

What if you didn't like sports?

What if you didn't look like everyone else?

What if you got picked last in gym class?

What if you had dyslexia?

What if you had trouble breathing?

What if you were overweight?

What if you could not carry a tune?

What if you couldn't afford a costume?

What if you got homesick ?

What if you had a classmate who was blind or deaf?

What if you had a friend with two moms?

What if you had an accent?

What if you were lactose intolerant?

What if you were afraid of heights ?

What if you were made fun of because you had a scar?

What if you were shy?

What if you were a vegetarian?

What if you were bad at sports?

What if your religion is different from your friends?

What if your sibling had a disability ?

What if your speech was different?

What if your parents weren't the same race?


This week's
What If?

What if you are angry about your parents' decision?


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