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What if your friends were being bullied online or strangers were sending you messages? Explore these situations and more!


What if someone asked you for your address online?

What if someone was using your pictures online?

What if strangers were talking to you in chatrooms?

What if you could use your phone to help your friend cheat?

What if you kept getting e-mails from unknown senders?

What if you took someone's work from the Internet without asking?

What if you were being cyberbullied?

What if you weren't allowed to use certain websites?

What if your best friends were using inappropriate messaging apps?

What if your friend got a Facebook account without permission ?

What if your friends were being inappropriate online?

What if your friends were not using computers at school appropriately?

What if your phone was distracting you from doing well in school ?


This week's
What If?

What if you are angry about your parents' decision?


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